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hail damage insurance claim

Insurance Claims

If your property was hit by a severe storm, settling the Insurance claim can be a difficult, complex and painstaking process. We make it very easy for you.

The Insurance companies have knowledgeable experts working for them in this process and you should too. It has been our experience that initial Insurance adjuster’s assessments are often incomplete and not properly reflecting all the damage incurred.

hail insurance claim


Any part of the exterior of your home that has been damaged can be covered by your homeowners insurance. The following are ways that different materials can be damaged:

  • Damage to the graininess of asphalt roofing. Wind conditions can tear off asphalt shingles.
  • Dents in aluminum roofing and siding. Depending on the size of the hail, the dents can vary in size. If these dents are left alone, they might cause your roof or siding to rust.
  • While hail does not generally put dents in vinyl siding, it can cause vinyl to crack. If winds get high enough during a storm, it can result in pretty big cracks in your siding.
  • Damage to gutters, gutter guards, and skylights. If your gutters are dented, they might not work properly, and you might experience a leaky roof after awhile.

If you're not sure whether or not the damage to the exterior of your home is from a recent storm, you can get an inspection. If you let problems go, you could compromise the integrity of your home's structure. You might ultimately have more problems if you don't repair your hail damage soon. Give us a call and let's get started in putting your house back in good shape.

Best Choice Renovation works with a team of expert public adjusters that know how to navigate your claims in the most effective manner. We specialize in identifying storm damage and will work directly with your insurance company on your behalf, ensuring your claim is covered. We understand the claims handling process, we deal with all insurance companies on a daily basis. We know them. That’s an advantage you deserve on your side. We will maximize your financial settlement and are committed in producing the best possible results for you in insurance recovery and handling your claim in a timely manner.